We understand that every building project has different needs. At Advance Cranes, we believe that one of the most important parts of any building project is to understand exactly what your crane will be used for. So we’ll spend time with you, making sure that all options are considered with a trained engineer.



We have an extensive fleet of cranes which can handle any project complexity. Our cranes come in a wide array of heights and utilise different technologies to get the job done. Most importantly, we guarantee that we have the crane for your next job, so look no further – Advance Cranes is your one stop shop for crane hire in Sydney.

Unlike other companies, once your crane is delivered and installed, we’ll provide you with 24/7 support. This includes being able to source any parts for our cranes from our warehouse here in Sydney, meaning you’ll have little to no downtime in the unlikely event that issues arise on site.


Our crane manufacturer's RECOM and RAIMONDI are both world known European brands. We only use European Manufacturer's for our cranes and accessories to ensure you are getting quality standards throughout engineering to welding which we believe the Australian market demands. Below are some brief information of our manufacturing suppliers.

Raimondi’s objective has always been to keep the optimum balance between various quality aspects such as product’s lifecycle, performance, productivity, reliability, easier access for servicing, lower maintenance intervals etc., with its sales price. Ranges of models produced by Raimondi, their global presence, long years of experience, unrelenting search for excellence in the areas of quality and performance, has resulted in the sales of more than 16,000 Raimondi cranes all over the world.

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Rising from the legacy of this history, of the many men that played a part in it and of the enduring passion that’s in our DNA, RECOM MORITSCH‘s goal is uncompromising quality, to once again be recognized worldwide as the go-to supplier in this sector.This means setting the bar high, having the skills and tools to create engineering gems capable of meeting the most difficult challenges, in extreme situations, with the latest innovative technologies.

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We aim to provide our customers with the best cranes and customer service in Sydney. Come meet our team, we think you’ll agree that Advance Cranes have more to offer your business than any other Crane operator in the Sydney market.