Our Range of Products consist of

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

Our suppliers have devoted significant resources to our luffing jib crane segment. Especially relevant to job sites with hard to obtain flyover rights, Our luffers handle adeptly and allow for a productive and safe operational environment. Technical advancements in erection and commissioning, together with an improved slew sequence based on extensive study, have given our luffing cranes a strong market foothold.

Topless Tower Cranes

We incorporate the latest in safety developments into our topless tower crane models, with a high functioning and intelligently-designed technological edge. Our range of tower cranes are extremely versatile and conceptualized fully in-house, with client needs taken into consideration during R&D phase. With a diverse set of capabilities, our solution-based crane designs deliver strong return on investment.


Crane bases, Loading Platforms, Man Cage, Rescue Cage, Brick Cage, Building Construction equipment etc… We sell a wide range of Lifting and building accessories all designed and engineered in Australia with the highest standards of quality and safety. Call us or enquire online for the full range.

Spare Parts

Whatever we sell or hire, We make sure we have spare parts. Crane Towers, Crane Parts or any other part for our accessories and equipment. We can even manufacture custom parts and solutions for your third party equipment. Call us to see how we can help you.

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